17 Tips and Tricks to Work Out Anywhere With No Gym Equipment

Hey, Men’s Health MVP. We see you putting hours of hard work in at the gym—but if you think that your fitness routine is something that should be restricted to just one place, you need to expand your horizons. You can do that by making anywhere and everywhere your personal workout spot. Whether you’re getting a sweat on in your kitchen or pushing the pace on a walk around the park, there’s potential for you to keep your activity level high without limiting yourself to just the weight room and cardio section of your local big box fitness club. Having some trouble imagining exactly what this could look like? No worries—we’ve got your back. One of the keys can be mastering all types of bodyweight exercises, so you won’t be so dependent on gym equipment. Another: Get creative to use your environment to challenge yourself. If you don’t feel like you have a great handle on exactly how you can do that, follow our best tips and tricks to exercise anytime, anywhere. From something as simple as turning a dog walk into a low-level cardio session to the best ways to use everyday items for external resistance, these hacks can change your perspective on what counts as a workout. Best of all, you’ll probably have some fun, too. Just check out the PDF to get the info you need to make the world your gym.DOWNLOAD YOUR EXERCISE ANYWHERE GUIDE HEREAnd remember, as an MVP, you can use your exclusive members-only discount to our online shop to get much more from Men’s Health.play iconThe triangle icon that indicates to play

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