The 9 Best Home Power Racks for 2023, Tested by Fitness Trainers

Power racks (a.k.a. “power cages”) are deceptively simple. Most models look like a durable, rugged steel cage that’s designed to serve as a base for your weighted workout equipment. Most also require adding optional add-ons if you want to use them for non-barbell exercises. There’s a lot to consider when shopping for the best home power rack for you:Style and functionality: Power racks can serve a wide variety of functions, including as a pull-up bar, a bench press, a squat rack—the list goes on. The best models are multifunctional to allow for dozens of full-body workouts. It all comes down to your workout style. Consider your regular workouts, and shop for power racks that offer everything you need. If you’re short on space you can skip the pull-up bar. For a more full-featured option, you might want a beefy full power cage with multiple add-ons and attachments that expand your workout options.Weight capacity: Every power rack has a corresponding weight limit with most models ranging between 300 and 1,500 pounds. Always aim for a rack that has at least a 500-pound weight capacity. No, you may never lift 500 pounds on any single movement, but you’ll thank yourself for having that margin for error if you ever miss on a squat and lose control of the bar. Customizability: The best power racks are customizable to fit your personal routine. From If you’re tight on space, you might opt for a foldable racks, because they’re great. From foot print size to height to additional accessory options, every cage will offers a slightly different level of customization. If you have larger home gym and are interesting in building things out, consider a power rack a strong starting point, and shop closely for the features that matter to you the most. This is another place where, if you can afford it, it’s worth splurging on a rack with more adjustability to adapt to your workout needs now and in the future. In the long run, purchasing a rack that can grow with you will allow you to get more out of your home gym investment.Durability: The type of construction is heavily tied in with a rack’s total weight capacity. Almost every model on the market today is made of steel, alloy steel, or powder-coated steel. The true measure of strength is the gauge of steel used. The higher gauge, the stronger the cage. Beginners may not need to worry about this when starting out. But better-quality steel will always be safer, more durable, better equipped to handle heavy weights, and more long-lasting.

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