Inside Jay Cutler’s House in Las Vegas

On a beautiful night in September, just before the 2015 Mr. Olympia contest, Jay Cutler opened the doors of his home to the Muscle & Strength team for an exclusive tour around his Las Vegas castle.
Jay Cutler is one of the most decorated bodybuilders of all-time, placing and winning many competitions including three consecutive Arnold Classic titles and being crowned Mr. Olympia four times.
He even accomplished what many would call the biggest comeback in bodybuilding history by reclaiming the Mr. Olympia throne in 2009 after relinquishing the title to Dexter Jackson the year before.
His home is definitely a site to see, especially if you’ve never seen a mansion as big and with as much detail as a competition-ready, shredded Jay Cutler!
Two steps into Jay’s house and we’re already in awe.
From the flowing waterfall fountain to the massive chandelier dangling from the high ceilings, even the entry way to Jay’s is a sight to see.
Jay’s Living Area
We follow Jay into the living area, where he spends a good amount of time relaxing in front of his television. Off of the living area, is another room Jay spends an enormous amount of time, his giant and open kitchen. Being a bodybuilder requires that you eat a lot and Jay enjoys cooking for himself as opposed to eating out all of the time.
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The openness allows him to enjoy the benefits of having an awesome kitchen, while still being able to socialize with guests or watch his favorite shows while cooking up fuel for his next workout.
Jay’s Movie Theatre
Next, we move on to Jay’s favorite room in the house. Surprisingly enough, it’s the coldest and darkest room on the property. It’s also the biggest and most relaxing room. Of course, we’re talking about Jay’s very own movie theatre room!
Equipped with a seven foot bean bag chair and luxury leather theatre seating (that not only fits plenty of people but also reclines), Jay utilizes the room to watch his favorite sports teams on the big screen.
The room is decked out with really cool movie and sports memorabilia including Jay’s ode-to-Arnold Terminator poster. Opposite of the wall containing original movie posters is Jay’s sports memorabilia wall. This includes authentic and signed jerseys (Peyton Manning’s) and boxing gloves (Floyd Mayweather Jr).

Jay’s Backyard
Just outside of Jay’s house, he shows us his backyard. Outside, we get a glimpse of Jay’s pool and Jacuzzi.
Jay says he lives in a fairly small development with about 12-15 people. He knows all his neighbors well. Overall the area is pretty quiet, minus the occasional get together.
The Master Bedroom
After coming in from outside, Jay takes us over to where “all the magic happens”. Jay’s bedroom serves as a nice get away for whenever he wants to watch television in a room that is quiet and away from the action of the rest of his house.
The master bathroom contains some really unique features. The Jacuzzi tub fills from the ceiling! Water actually falls from the ceiling to fill the tub! It’s pretty crazy.
Still in the master bedroom, Jay shows us his closet. A lot of his clothing, especially his suits, are tailor made to fit. In fact, a lot of it doesn’t fit his current physique. Although, Jay doesn’t mind, because he prefers to dress more casual these days.
Jay’s Garage
A former Mr. Olympia’s house wouldn’t be complete without a gym. Jay does have a gym, although he prefers to focus on his cardio at home. In his un-air-conditioned garage, Jay has a treadmill, elliptical, and the very same stairmill he used to prep for his final few Olympias.
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Jay has a supplement company called Cutler Nutrition with his partner’s at BPI which is ran in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.
Aside from that, he also has a clothing line called Cutler Athletics- featuring popular products like Swole Monkey shirts- that he runs out of Las Vegas. Jay stated Cutler Athletics with one t-shirt and one 8×10 photo, and now the brand has expanded to selling hats and DVDs.
In Jay’s garage sits a massive standing tanning bed. It was given to him as a gift from a former sponsor of his. He accredits his famous bronze skin during the Mr. Olympia competitions to that very same tanning bed.
Next up, we check out some of Jay’s rides. Jay loves bikes and always has. He currently owns a Ducati 1098, although he’s not much for sports bikes. He got a great deal on it that he just couldn’t refuse. He takes it to the gym and will ride it up the street from time to time.
Jay’s every day ride is his Rolls-Royce Ghost. Once his dream car, Jay now cruises the streets of everyday life in his ghost. The car’s got plenty of secret compartments, including one for Jay’s umbrella.
Jay’s Trophy Room
Jay’s saved the best for last for us: The famed Jay Cutler office/trophy room. On display are Jay’s four Sandow (Mr. Olympia) and three Arnold Classic trophies. On his wall, displayed in an enormous frame, are all the medals that Jay has won competing over the years.

Also framed and showcased across the walls of Jay’s office are the numerous magazine cover’s he has been featured on.
Included in the collection is the very first Muscle & Fitness cover Jay was ever on and Jay’s favorite cover, which features him tearing apart another magazine featuring Phil Heath and Dexter Jackson after coming back to win the Mr. Olympia in 2009.
Finally, Jay gives us a history lesson on his four Sandow trophies. No Sandow trophy is ever the same. There’s slight differences in every single trophy. It can be as slight as the base of the trophy to the direction the head is looking in. The uniqueness of each trophy makes it very valuable to win, not to mention that it signifies being at the top of the bodybuilding craft.
Without a doubt, Jay’s house in Las Vegas is a sweet crib! With a home full of cool stuff that every man dreams of, Jay shows us all the benefits of being a championship bodybuilder.
Thank you Jay Cutler for inviting us into your home and allowing us to share a piece of your lifestyle with our readers and your fans!

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